Our Creations

Completing our 3 year service successfully this year, we want to showcase our products perfectly outlined for you. Check out the following products we offer. All are completely hand-made and custom-made for events keeping our guests in mind.


Arathi Plates

Arathi Plates have been an important tradition. Wedding is not complete without the perfect welcome. We, at Teedecors make completely custom-made, handmade arathis to suit your taste, wedding themes and colors. Mark your perfect day with these perfect welcome tokens.

Event Flowers

Our flowers are completely paper-made. These will last your lifetime. Give this as a promise on ¬†special occasions to your loved ones. The product range from single flowers (welcome token) to 5 feet arrangements. A fit to your occasion from welcome gifts, mementos, return gifts or the special gift to your special one to hold … Continue reading Event Flowers

Seer Thattu

Contributing only to a wedding, these thattus mark the elegance and significance of the bride and the groom. Decorating it is definitely a special skill and we have perfected it. Take a look:  

Crafty Essentials

A few of the miscellaneous stuffs that is needed to perfect the superb event, we have compiled this list keeping it in mind. These are some of the essentials that you will want to make your event colorful and grandeur.  

Creative Works

We do have  a few collection of other art works that can bring color to your event and home. Here are the few mentions:

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